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Bicycle Life

Everyday cycling, commuting, training, car-free living, advocacy...

41 journals and articles, with 3,204 pictures

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Serendipity: Here are some random pics from the database - click on an image to go to that page...

Journal: "Tuesday Adventures" by Kathleen Jones Journal: "W2E TransAm - 1 Trek electric bike & 1 regular bike" by Suzanne Stack Journal: "Day rides around Tokyo" by Marco Mussita
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Latest journal updates:
Journal Author Updated Status
L'Eroica: Riding with Heroes   Irene Thomas  Oct 18 
Completed Oct 2014
Day rides around Tokyo   Marco Mussita  Oct 3 
687 of 748 days
Keene - Surry - Gilsum Ride   Hiel Lindquist  Oct 1 
Completed Oct 2014
A few days at Lake Champlain   Hiel Lindquist  Aug 25 
Completed Aug 2014
Mit dem Brompton vom Wiener Südpol zum Wiener Nordpol   jan houtermans  Jun 7 
Work in progress
Dismal February   Graham Finch  Feb 24 
Completed Feb 2014
Six Miles in Montana   Kathleen Jones  Jan 25 
Completed Jan 2014
Twenty Fourteen   Graham Finch  Jan 1 
Completed Jan 2014
Formosa 900, the KOM Challenge and More   Graham Finch  Dec 12 
Completed Dec 2013
Tuesday with Debbie   Graham Finch  Nov 2 
Completed Nov 2013
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Latest article updates:
Article Author Updated Status
Riding High on Hawai'i   Robert Ewing  Jun 7 
Completed Dec 2012
Fifty miles on a £50 bike   dave voller  Mar 2013 
Completed Mar 2012
My Favourite bike   dave voller  Jun 2012 
Completed Mar 2012
Mission de San Antonio de Padua   Robert Ewing  Mar 2012 
Unfinished, not updated for 960 days
A New Bike for an old Duffer   Neal Fridley  Dec 2010 
Completed Dec 2010
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Latest forum posts:
Forum Subject Name Posted Replies Last post
Advocacy  Another offensive ad   Dale Oswald  Apr 2012   1   Sep 2013
Miscellaneous  Modolo Dumbo Bars ....   Jim Andrews  Jan 2013   3   Jan 2013
Charity rides  Charity rides you like   Robert Ewing  Jan 2011   10   May 2012
Hazards & Safety  Secure Bike Parking   Brian Huntley  May 2011   11   Mar 2012
Navigation tools  On line Maps   Bernadette FM  Dec 2010   8   Feb 2012
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Latest review posts:
Forum Subject Rating Average Votes Name Posted Replies Last post
Hubs  Sturmey Archer SRF5-W five speed hub gear   ***__  1   Dale Oswald  May 19   0   May 19
Gear shifters  Patterson Transmission by FSA   ****_  1   Robert Ewing  May 2012   4   Dec 2
Pedals  MSK XP-EZY resin pedals   *****  1   Robert Ewing  Dec 2012   0   Dec 2012
Tires  Marathon 420 E-tires   ****_  1   Robert Ewing  Nov 2011   0   Nov 2011
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Latest classifieds:
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Latest resource entries:
Summary Link Categories Updated 
Baseline Bicycles Shopping (specialist) 2013-11-22 
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Latest profile updates:
Name Updated Joined
Jones, Kathleen (rangerk) 26 Jan 2014  18 May 2008 
dallaire, pierre (piertwin) 5 Oct 2013  5 Oct 2013 
Pavreal, Lisa Maxine (kakapo) 15 Feb 2013  28 Jan 2013 
Stockton, paul (paulStockton) 15 May 2012  2 May 2005 
Ewing, Robert (Western_Flyer) 10 Mar 2012  9 Mar 2008 
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Latest ratings:
Type Link Summary Rated
Journal L'Eroica: Riding with Heroes by Irene Thomas (Completed Oct 2014)  2014-10-26 8:51 
Article Riding High on Hawai'i by Robert Ewing (Completed Dec 2012)  2014-04-24 23:32 
Article image
Falls2012 After the rain 2012

Image on article page: Waipi‘o Valley via White Road in article Riding High on Hawai'i by Robert Ewing (Completed Dec 2012)

 2014-04-24 23:21 
Journal page Jing'an Temple 静安寺 to Pudong 浦东, Jinqiao 金桥 and Waigaoqiao 外高桥 from Training rides around Shanghai by Marco Mussita (Completed Nov 2012)  2014-03-31 23:35 
Journal image
140131_Kawaguchiko09_copy.jpg The wind from north west blows the snow on the top of Fuji San 富士山

Image on journal page: The four lakes on the back of Mt. Fuji 富士山: Kawaguchiko 河口湖, Saiko 西湖, Sojiko 精進湖, Motosuko 本栖湖 in journal Day rides around Tokyo by Marco Mussita (687 of 748 days)

 2014-03-10 12:56 
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Topic Description Created
Bicycle Life Everyday cycling, commuting, training, car-free living, advocacy... 2010-12-22
Travel Adventures by plane, train, automobile, bus, boat... 2007-06-29
Hiking A place for wilderness hikers and their journals 2006-03-19
Topicwise A collection of websites on different topics 2005-04-08
Bicycle Touring ( A place for bicycle tourists and their journals 2000-01-06
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